Our rooms, services and technical solutions work as a whole. On the venue we have set up and ready to go everything from standard technology needed for presentations to sound equipment suficcient for a full scale rock concert. Specific needs are taken care of in co-operation with our trusted partners.

Presentation tools

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All the rooms and sections of the club are equipped with high definition screens and sound systems, which may be used as separate presentation tools for each room or to broadcast centralized audio and visuals throughout the club. In addition to the 47” screens in each living room section of the main hall, the stage has a 3 by 5 meter video projection screen, which in a rolled up position reveals a green screen studio just behind the main stage.

Green-screen studio

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Behind the main stage a 40 square meter green-screen studio is located. Events requiring more complex build-ups and an extra touch of multimediality might find their solution in the green box, where one can stylize his presentations or panel discussions as a talk show or entertain the visitors with an imaginary trip to the moon.

Interactive tables

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Every living room section in the Main Room is equipped with an interactive table. This setup enables up to 72 guests (or 12 groups) to participate in a variety of interactions with each other and the performer. Votings, assessments, team-building games or quizzes – interactivity in the right place at the right time will keep your event energized and is a helpful tool for rooting necessary information among the audience. Interactive solutions are customly conceptualized and developed by our team, with a variety of templates already at hand.

Social media integration

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In addition to performers, the audience sometimes needs to speak up: ask questions, express opinions and discuss. In addition to a traditional solution of sending the open mic around, our tools enable the use of social media as a communication tool spreading along all our screens. May it be a post comment thread on facebook or a #hashtag, by removing the excessive interfaces and stripping the messaging down to essentials, a clean feed of content is spread out across all screens.


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During events, the local bar is on stand-by to take care of drinks, coffee breaks, fruits, smoothies and sweet bites. Soups, sandwiches, salads and hot food will be catered by our trusted partners. During bigger events the bar in the Club Room will be opened additionally.

Shoe policy and slippers

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Due to our homely theme and atmospheric preferences, the house rules of the Club of Different Rooms mandate, that people remove their street shoes upon entry. Footwear shelves and clean slippers of all sizes are provided by the Club and we also welcome guests bringing their own exchange shoes. Keep in mind, that a fun gift to all visitors of Your event is a pair of custom branded slippers, carrying for example a positive message or a company logo! We are in good relations with local slipper manufacturers (natural wool!) Slippers and will assist You in preparing your gift.

Technical rider

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ETK rider_download pdf